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Concrete Walls (technically paintings)
I’m always looking for new concrete walls so when I came across different concrete patterns on Google I decided to make a set of walls. Because I can’t make patterns I used Ilona’s wall mural mesh. The wall murals are four tiles wide and you can place them next to each other in order to fill an entire wall in your room. The set contains 8 different murals and can be found in the deco category.

As you can see in the pictures some textures are seamless and others have a small seam. If someone would like to turn the wall murals into actual patterns, please let me know and I will send you the original textures :)

Box / Mediafire

This is gift 1 of 6, I will post another gift on Friday!


Main Floor. 


I got the urge to build again (pt 1)



Living room at the Sunlit Tides bungalow.

I’ve put another batch of scenery pics in the queue, and after that I’m done spamming my Simblr for the night. ;-D

Gosh it’s gorgeous!


Sk8terskirt Overalls for Ya-A Female

  • Mesh & Textures 100% by me
  • Fully Morphed, looks a bit odd on fat morphs
  • 5 different recolorable variations
  • don’t be a dick pls folow my TOU
  • tag simt0rr if you use them plss



This is Marcy’s new home in Angel City—a quick and cheap build for a struggling artist.


This is Marcy’s new home in Angel City—a quick and cheap build for a struggling artist.


[julies]8000+followers gifts

I love everyone of tumblr,appreciated with you<3

Gifts Include:Marc jacobs circle bag,inspire bird print dress,cotton dress and barb’s bag poses

Special thanks:My love barb for these cute bag poses,only want to say love youuu forever

  • Mesh all by me
  • Bag is my new mesh
  • Recommend you to use poses when you use this shoulder bag



It’s my new gift for my followers and gift for happy birthday my friend skiporns!
Happy birthday my love author.
For male and female.
Formats:packages and sims3pack.
Downloads: mediafare 
Enjoy game!
when you using my cc, if you want, tag #frenkiemonster or mention @frenkiemonster me! I’ll reblog your lovely photo ;)
Original mesh: 



Two of my favorite sets from TS2 has been converted To TS3 by Florence at BPS. Grab the HERE

Here’s A collection file for this set! Includes all 100+ objects