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 "Your designs and houses are awesome! ^.^"

Thank you so much !! :D


One of Lena’s five sisters, Evangeline.

Erics dating her btw *highfives everyone*


One of Lena’s five sisters, Evangeline.

Erics dating her btw *highfives everyone*


The boys bedrooms. Top on is Jason’s bottom one is Damon’s. I’m kinda glad that I had to re-do their apartment. I am digging this house way more. 


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We will all agree that the Grandma’s canning station from the Sims 3 Store lacked slots… Problem fixed with this override file!

I basically added slots so we have now 20 of them. Full rotation possible and they now face the front rather than the wall. (who thought that facinf the back would be a good idea in the first place?)
They are also available for functional objects (such as electronics, appliances) because if GrandMa wants to listen to punk rock on her portable radio while canning cucumbers, who the hell are we to stop her, hm?!

The package file is to be placed in your Mods/Packages/Overrides folder.

The canning station itself is NOT included with this download. Decrapped or not, sims3pack or package, does not matter! The override will work with any version you have.
Also, don’t forget to clear your caches before going in game or the override won’t work.

TOU: Do not claim as your own or reupload on free/pay/adfly websites.

Message me for any question or problem ^_^

DOWNLOAD: Mediafire | Mega


[JS SIMS 3] Simple ops With T-shirt & Alesso Kerli Hair Edited

  • Original hair mesh by Alesso. I only edited the bangs.
  • dress mesh by me.
  • Available For:
  • Female - YA / Adult
  • All Time
  • Two recolorable channels
  • Both package and sims3pack formats available


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Followers Gift: Fairlie Residence by Daturaobscura

Lot Info:

  • 15x10 lot
  • Furnished: §32,452
  • Unfurnished (minimal cc): §12,899
  • 1 bedroom/1 bath
  • Built in Brightpoint


  • Uni, IP, Showtime, Supernatural
  • Aurora Skies for bathroom wall pattern

In the .rar folder there are some .package files you will need to place in your mods folder. House is packaged as  .sims3pack.  Also included is a Please Read.txt with additional info on the lot as well as my TOU.

Many many thanks and credit to all the wonderful creators for their lovely CC!!

Thank you to all my followers!  Enjoy!




[Mai Pham] Eye Contacts N1

  • Used image by Saccstry
  • 2 variations (second variation can be recolored)
  • Custom thumbnail
  • All ages, both genders


MediaFire | Dropbox

Model: Anita


I made 15 nursery pillows for your sims kids! I’m not very good at snapping everything at once but I tried to get as many together as I could lol.

Mesh @ Bau5 

Designs from artist @ redbubble.

Download package

Download sims3pack